Thursday, June 24, 2010


June 18th to 20, 2010

 Girls Islamic organization (GIO) of Karnataka behalf held a campaign all over State from June 18th to 20, 2010. On the topic “UDKHULU FISSILMI KAAFFA” Enter into Islam Completely.

The Campaign ending day A Program held in Udupi Jamiya Masjid was started from Qurqn recitation by GIO member Afrina Banu. And introduction speech by udupi unit GIO president Maleka Ulfath given the brief note on the aims of Gio and the main aims of the topic “UDKHULU FISSILMI KAAFFA”in Her talk 

GIO Dakshina Kannada District Organizer Ruksana Ullal, the chif guest of this program. Said in her talk in the same topic “Enter into Islam Completely” that Islam means not just obeying the Allah’s command, it is surrendering all over daily life activities from the Birth to our Death to Allah.
She added, We Muslim just think that we are Muslim so we however enter in to paradise, But She said it’s not so. Whoever surrender\Repending all his activities to Allah He only can enter Paradise. 

She also added that indulging in good character is Islam and indulging in bad character is not have good character Allah sent many prophet with good character to follo up. If we follow the same we will inshallah enter into Islam completely. 

In ending with her talk She said we are born be called as “KHAIR UMMATH” So we should keep in mind that why this titled has given to us in every activity of our we do. 

This ending day of Campaign was concluded by a speech from Udupi unit GIO Secretary Sabia Shoukath Assadi and this program was conducted by udupi unit member Aliha Adiudupi. In the program JIH udupi units ladies wing member Sabira Siraj and Kulsoom aboonakker was also be attended 

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